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Are you experiencing pain in your lower body? Whether you know what the issue is or you’re unsure where the pain has come from, our physiotherapist in Lichfield can create a bespoke lower body pain treatment plan that targets the area you’re struggling with to help reduce pain. We have a range of therapy techniques specifically for lower body concerns and can identify a probable cause to help you understand your pain better.

Lower body pain treatment

Our Services:

  • Lower body pain treatment
  • Knee and thigh injury treatment
  • Ankle and foot pain and strain treatment
  • Shin splint treatment
  • Groin strain and hip pain treatment

Finding the Cause of Your Lower Body Pain

The first stage in the lower pain treatment process is pinpointing the issue and finding the cause.

Achilles tendon and calf pain

Typical Problems: Strains, tears, repetitive microtrauma, inflammation, and cramps. Allowing the injury to become worse can lead to the pains in your Achilles tendon or calf becoming so severe that you are unable to run or jump.

Treatment Options: Our expert therapist can help you overcome these by assessing the cause of the pain and administering a range of exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

Groin strain and hip pain

Typical Problems: Symptoms of a groin strain include swollen and ruptured muscles and sharp pain in the area. This can occur from making a sudden change of direction whilst running.

Treatment Options: We can provide you with groin strain and hip strain massages to help promote the healing of the tissue.

Pelvis pains

Typical Problems: Tight pelvic muscles, pains from spasms, and sudden, sharp pains.

Treatment Options: We can teach you a range of exercises to reduce the pain and improve your pelvic condition.

Shin pain

Typical Problems: Prolonged strain on your tenoperiosteum can cause shin splints. This is developed through walking, running, or jumping.

Treatment Options: Our trained physiotherapist can advise you on contributing factors of your shin splints, as well as provide deep tissue massages and help you with stretches and exercises to promote recovery from shin splints.

Ankle pain and sprains

Typical Problems: Ankle pain is usually caused by the over usage of the foot after an injury. It’s also easy to sprain your ankle if you do any sports that involve running, jumping, or having to turn too quickly.

Treatment Options: If you have a sprained ankle or are suffering from any other form of ankle pain, our experts will use manual therapy to help you regain movement and strengthen your ankle muscles.

Foot pains

Typical problems: Our feet are prone to various conditions, including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel pain
  • Bunions
  • Joint problems
  • Pain in the sole of feet

Treatment Options: By assessing the cause of your foot problem, whether it’s from a sports injury or footwear, we can help rehabilitate your foot using a range of physiotherapy techniques.

Knee injuries

Typical Problems: These problems can occur from sudden trauma or continuous activity, which can lead to tears in your ligament or cartilage.

Treatment Options: Physiotherapy can reduce the duration of the injury through exercise and deep soft tissue massages.

Thigh injuries

Typical Problems: Thigh muscle strain is when a muscle in the quadriceps tears. There are three levels to measure the severity of the muscle tear.

Treatment Options: Full recovery can take anything from three weeks to three months. Our physiotherapist can work with you through resistance exercises and thigh stretches to strengthen the muscle and provide advice on avoiding this happening again.

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